Various Ferrari Parts from 1960’s-70’s cars



Ferrari Parts for Sale –1960-70’s cars


Parts for 275 GTB/GTS or possibly 330 GTC, Daytona or Lusso.


2 complete and perfect NOS tail light assemblies (housing + lenses)-Lusso or early 275GTB

Jack and Jack pieces

Original tool bag with some tools

Jack and Jack bag for 308

Fiamm small oil bottle

set of 6 Everest 22 Wrenches

1 outside door handle (275GTB,Lusso)

Window drip moldings for 275GTB4 left and right

Chrome trim moldings for 275 GTB door threshold

Cavis window washer bag

Right Front Bumperette for 275GTB Longnose

Two 275GTB wind wing latch handles

2 cooling fan motors and fan blades

29 new and 5 used exhaust hangers

5 thumb nuts for air cleaner

275GTB wind wing chrome frame

Tapered spring for 275GTB shift lever

1 pr NOS rubber axle boots for 275GTB/S or 330GTC

Dash toggle switches for 275 GTB,GTB4 used

Brake Booster, used

gas tank level sensor, used

Connecting shaft linkage between shift lever and transaxle

Ferrari wheel chock (Dino?)

9×32 ring and pinion for 275 GTB transaxle.

Veglia Borletti Ammeter for Daytona,used


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