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Shop for Ferraris for sale by our members and supporting Factory Authorized Ferrari Dealerships.  Expect to find a complete variety of Ferraris for sale from Enzo-Era cars that will give your clothes the smell of gas to accompany your huge smile after taking it for a rip thru modern Ferraris that can probably hit 200mph on front straight at Road America.

All member submissions are welcomed and published free of charge for a member in good standing.  Please send submissions to Greg McKibben at Gmckibben@fcacentralstates.org Include as many photos as you want to take, however do your best to make sure the resolution is good as it will do you no service to have a grainy photo.  Additionally, our platform allows video to accompany your vehicle’s ad, so don’t hesitate to send us your vehicle video too!

Beyond Ferraris for sale we also have space for parts, art and literature.  Submissions are the same as for the vehicles and we welcome pictures of that unobtanium part or that excellent piece of artwork that will tie your office together.

About the FCA

Founded in 1962, the Ferrari Club of America has grown from a small organization of about a dozen diehard enthusiasts to 6,500 members who participate in hundreds of diverse and interesting activities every year. Our members can participate in activities in their Home Region and any of the other 16 Regions and 40 Chapters across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The 6,500 members of the world’s largest Ferrari club, the Ferrari Club of America, enjoy exciting track events, an internationally recognized Concours d’Elegance and a wide variety of year-round social activities. We have sixteen Regions throughout the U.S. and Canada that maintain a full Calendar of Events including social gatherings, parties, track events, rallies, drives and charitable events. Our Annual Meeting, with hundreds of Ferraris, hundreds more people, a Swap Meet, Concours, Rally, track event and banquets draws participants and cars from around the world.

FCA members receive the monthly News Bulletin with its calendar of events, free classified ads for members, F1 coverage, and more. Our quarterly full-color magazine, Prancing Horse, contains in-depth features on particular Ferrari types, interviews with “Ferrari people”, visits to Ferrari-related production facilities and museums, information on Ferrari literature and models and coverage of Ferrari gatherings both here and abroad, all thoroughly illustrated with colorful photos and drawings.

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